Claire now started to tug at Becky’s jeans trying to pull them down so she could get to that hot little cunt. After several futile minutes, Becky hunched over and slipped them over her still girlish hips. Now the only things she had left on were here bright red knee socks and white cotton panties with little pink roses on them. As Claire stared down at the young sexpot, she felt her own cunt begin to cream uncontrollably! Then she started to undress in front of the rapt youngster. As her clothes hit the floor Becky never let her eyes move from Claire’s now naked form. Claire felt like a slut but didn’t care, all she wanted now was to have this little cunt for herself! She slipped back down to the sofa and pulled Becky to her so that their chests were mashed together. Then they kissed each other deeply as the ground their nipples into each other! Both women were now ready to explode with lust! Claire reached down and pulled off Becky’s wet panties and was hit with another surprise--Becky for her age had a very very hairy pussy!!! A thick mat of dark brown fur ringed a now gaping pair of very puffy cunt lips! Claire asked Becky if she had ever had an orgasm. Becky whispered, “Only with my own fingers!” Claire smiled, kissed her and then slid down the sofa until her mouth was breathing hot air right on Becky’s hot slit! “Wh- what are you gonna do,” moaned Becky? “This,” answered Claire. With that one word she buried her tongue deep into Becky’s quim! 

Continued Inside!!


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