I Caught My Wife Masturbating!
Best fucking thing That's ever happened to me and here's why.
I work far too hard, and I have to travel a lot. I leave her alone far too much, but I trust her completely and she trusts me.
Gotta admit I was shocked though when I came home early and heard her moaning and groaning in that very vocal way she has when she's approaching orgasm. At first I thought I'd have to beat the fuck out of some poor sap, but then I realised she was alone!
Fuck She Looked Hot!!
I thought about interrupting her but I just couldn't, my feet were glued to the floor and my eyes were glued to her dripping wet snatch. I didn't think she noticed me, but she did. She gave me a kind of shy embarassed smile and kept going.
She Couldn't Stop!
She started calling my name in a way she hadn't called it in quite some time. She needed my help and fast! I didn't even undress, just whipped my dick out and pulled the dildo out of our way.
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